Where the Wild Things Are

Full steam ahead, ladies and gentlemen. 

After being in production for a couple of years, Spike Jonze finally gave us a trailer.

I ran into Spike Jonze at a bar a little over a year back. Asked him how the film was coming along. He responded with a chuckle and an "I couldn't tell ya." Earlier that month, they had some test screenings of what he had made so far, but apparently it sent children screaming and crying out of the theatre. Universal told him he couldn't deliver the film. Originally the Jim Henson company had made 9 foot animatronic suits for actors to  play the wild things, but they didn't look real enough. They decided to go with CG. I was first bummed when I heard this, but am excited after seeing how great they look in the press photos and the trailer. I wonder what happened to those suits though...

I hope the remodeled film still holds Spike's vision and delivers a new classic.

The trailer filled my with an urge to yell like a child... I wonder what the rest of the film will do.
If you need me, I'll be camping outside the Arclight waiting for the premiere on Oct. 16th, 2009. Mark your calendars, friends. This film has gotten much preproduction hype and hurdles that set expectations high. This can remake or break Spike. I think he will come through. 

-jc del barco ii