Chinese Cat Grows Wings. Seriously.

Where do I get one?

It's fantastic. It was a genetic mutation that has happened a few times before in cats. Evolution is at it again! The cats are beating us to the real world of the X-Men. Imagine a hairless cat with wings? It would look like a little vampire cat demon. 

Birds don't stand a chance anymore. People with allergies be alarmed! Cats will own the skies.

-jc del barco ii
cat lady/stoked/!?!


Interview with Saint Motel

4/20/2009- The Troubadour. West LA.
I stroll on by after work and a drink to watch some old pals perform. The internet has been enticing me with rumors of a 3-d concert for only $7. The Troubadour is one of my favorite venues, balancing nicely between divey and quaint. Upon entering, I am offered a pair of 3-d glasses. For those of you that know me, you know I'm a fan of 3-D glasses. Things were off to a good start. I missed a few of the opening bands because I was mingling with a few friends from college and talking to the main act of the night.

Saint Motel is at it again.

These four boys started up in college down at Chapman University sharing film school classes together a few years back. I have fond memories of receiving alcohol from AJ before I was old enough to have a sip on my own. and have successfully transferred their success and following into LA. Nice classic rock and roll with a modern pinch of indie and pop, their cutting edge sound, good looks, and charisma make them a great Los Angeles up-and-coming band to follow. The venue was postered with 3-d art work to encourage the use of the glasses and compliment the awesome projections upon the stage. After the premiere of their latest music video, the boys take the stage and get the crowd moving. The show was fantastic.

I got a chance to hold a phone interview with lead singer/guitarist AJ Jackson and guitarist Aaron Sharp about a week ago. Sadly bassist Dak Jones and drummer Greg Erwin weren't available. Here it goes (more or less):

(AJ agreed to call me at 9pm to do the interview).


JC: AJ, can I call you back? I'm buying fish tacos.

20 minutes later.

I receive a phone call from AJ. I hear voices in the back ground. People are laughing. I think I hear AJ and Aaron talking to some female friends. I hear something about whiskey. I think they are at a bar.

JC: Where are you guys?

AJ: Aaron and I are in the car. We just got back from our friend's premiere thing. Greg and Dak couldn't make it so it's just Aaron and I.

JC: Oh cool. Well. Let's do this. In a few sentences, tell me about the history of Saint Motel.

AJ: Aaron, you wanna take this one?

I hear Aaron in the background.

Aaron Sharp: Sure. AJ was born. Aaron was born. Greg was born. Dak always has been and always will be.

JC: Fair enough. How do you guys go about writing your songs?

AJ: Usually a bit different each time. We practice in our space in downtown LA.

AS: We just start with ideas and take it from there. We always have ideas, it's just a matter of focusing them.

JC: What are some of your influences? Music, film, food, any sort of inspiration?

AJ: Dragonshark. We don't eat it too often because it's endangered. Also, Beethoven's 7th Symphony 2nd movement.

AS: Tell him Erick Satie. Erick Satie. Tell him. Beautiful music...

AJ/AS: E. R. I. Erick. C. Satie. K. S. A...

I don't know how to respond to any of this.

JC: Tell me about the 3-D show. How did you think of this? How did it come together?

AJ: We had lots of help. We have a lot of friends that are really supportive and help us get these events going. We wanted a visually mind blowing event for the 4/20 day. We like projection art, but we wanted to take it even further... make it a sort of event. 3-D art. We were able to get a bunch of these 3-D glasses from a surplus store too.

AS: I think we hit new concert levels.

JC: I agree. That was awesome. So you premiered a new music video that night as well. With your projection art and music videos in mind, tell me about your visual art elements.

AJ: Well, some of us were film students. We try to create as much visual content as possible. We love making sketch comedy stuff, candid videos, and music videos. It's so available to make this stuff. Sometimes a pain in the ass, but we like it.

AS: We always have music video ideas. We have a big pool of ideas. Ideas aren't the issue, it's just a matter of time, resources, and focusing on a single idea or theme.

JC: Do you guys like black licorice?

AS: No.

AJ: Not really, but I'm trying to get into it because i hear it opens up your throat and clears your vocal channel.

JC: I recommend anise flavored liquors. Ouzo, Absinthe, Sambuca, Anisa, or even Jager will do the trick. How often do you guys practice?

AJ: Almost every night.

AS: Maybe like every other day. Probably like 4-5 nights a week. I'd say around there.

JC: Well, you guys definitely have your stuff together. It sounds great live. Tell me a bit about Saint Motel's near future.

AJ: Uhhhhh we have a show down at the Chapman Cecil's this month. We are playing a Father's day show at the Viper room on June 12th. Oh, we are also doing our Preschool Tour 2009 this summer. We're going to perform at different preschools. Play some good shows. Gonna record more. Hopefully more music videos to come.

JC: Preschool Tour? Exciting!

They start all cheering loudly. More people are in the background. It is getting noisy. I'm pretty sure they are at a bar now. I decide to through them a curveball.

JC: Do you guys ever fight? Like fist fight?

AJ: We emotionally fight.

They get serious for some reason. I feel confused because I meant for the question to be a joke. Aaron takes the phone.

AS: I would say sometimes it's mental warfare. Sometimes we fun fight? We have never physically harmed each other.


JC: Hey Aaron! I was just gonna ask you to grab the phone. I'm glad you took initiative.

AS: How are you, JC?

JC: I'm fine. Aaron. Tell me about your dream show. I know it's hard to follow up an awesome 3-D show, but if you could play any concert anywhere with any other performer what would it be like?

AS: (Immediate response) The moon with Bowie. Ya. Just Bowie. Wait, is there an opener? Like a three act show?

JC: Sure. Whatever you want.

AS: Hmmm. No. Just Bowie. AJ just ordered a scotch and the bartender gave him a double!

They're definitely at a bar.

JC: Are you guys drunk?

AS: Greg probably is, wherever he is. Dak probably is too, but trying hard to act like he's not. I'm not. AJ just has scotch.

(Sidenote: I love scotch.)

JC: Well, I think I'm out of questions. Anything you want to add or ask?

AS: AJ, do you have any questions for JC? JC, Do YOU like black licorice? I have a feeling you're a lover.

JC: I am. I am also convinced you can figure a person out by the way they answer this question. Thanks a lot for the interview guys. This was fun. Hope to see you live again soon. Have fun tonight.

AS: AJ, JC's is leaving! Ya man, thanks. This was fun. Take care.

AJ: Bye Juan Carlos Del Barco el Segundo.

Phone interviews are difficult but fun. Keep updated with Saint Motel on the interweb.


http://www.youtube.com/user/saintmotelvideo (AJ was upset that /saintmotel was taken)





Make sure to keep up with this band. I have a feeling they will get far and being on their good side will get you money, cars, and ladies (I'm still waiting for it though... patiently... too patiently). I'm never wrong with these hunches. Never.

-jc del barco ii

concert goer/black licorice eater/fan