Next tuesday is the big day. I won't tell you who to vOte for. That's not what America is about.

I will however tell you to vote no on Prop 4 and Prop 8. These also aren't what America is about.

Not all familys are healthy. In my logic, a healthy family that has good communication usually talks about sex and deters from teen pregnancy before naive children have unsafe sex. A lot of families don't talk about sex. Getting pregnant as a teen can be quite the doozy, let alone considering an abortion. Not all parents are understanding. Some are abusive. Though I don't agree with abortion, I Believe that people have the right to choose. Being pregnant is already scary enough for the young girl, the situation shouldn't be made any more difficult.

GOOD PARENTING, PEOPLE. When/if you have kids, tAlk to them. Don't put your lil' girls in a situation where they have to do this behind your back. Try to evade the entire situation by making sure they understand how to have safe sex. 

As for Prop 8, 

MIND YOUR OWN BUSINESS. It's 2008 people. People should be able to love whoever they please openly, so long as nobody is being harmed in the process (I can't imagine how that would be possible by the way, just wanted to be safe).  

Yes on 8 advocates argue that this will require schools to teach gay marraige alongside straight marraige as normal Marraige. 

This is a sack of bull poo.

The California board of education has no responsibility to teach anything about marraige, and prop 8 will not affect this anyway. It simply wants to limit marraige to straight couples.
Even if you don't support gay marraige, how will a gay couple affect your life, your marraige, your fAmily virtues directly? Homophobia is so passe, guys...

2008 is a good time. Ya, the global economy is in the toilet, but the world is ripe for change and opporunity. It is becoming easier and easier to start up grassroots movements and bitch your way into congress to actually make a difference. Democracy is becoming democracy again! Don't stifle basic human rights!

This country was founded on freedom, liberty, equal rights, and opportunity. Don't spoil it when we are on the brink of greatness.

-jc del barco ii,




These are some facts I've gathered on the two. 

Double major in History and Political Science at the University of Delaware, then completed law school at Syracuse. Came from a blue collar family and went to college on scholarship. Failed miserably when trying to get democratic presidential nomination in 1988 and 2008. In the US senate since 1972. His son is the District Attorney of Delaware and a Captain in the Army National Guard.

One semester at Hawaii Pacific University, transferred to North Idaho College and then
 University of Idaho. Degree in Communications with a minor in Political Science. 1984 Miss Wasilla Pageant winner, than Ms Alaska runner up (note: Alaska is 75% male). Mayor of Wasilla, then elected Governor of Alaska in 2006.

In summary:
Palin went from pageant queen to possible second in command of the largest military and nuclear force on earth in just 24 years. Her opponent's son is far more appropriately credentialed.