Farewell Runty, My Dearest Cat


Though most people never thought much of you, I always vouched for you. Kitty gave birth to you on June 14th, 2005 in our house in Covina. Out of the litter of 5, you were clearly the most incompetent kitten. The siblings pushed you away from the teet and we picked you up and put you back in the action. When you and your siblings were learning to walk, we would line you up in a line and have races. You were always last. We found homes for your siblings, but I wanted to keep you. Small, slow, and silly, you were the best little girl in my eyes.

I liked coming home on weekends from college so I could play with you. You were skittish with most people, but you came to me with a kind meow and a quick rub on my leg. I felt like you knew that I loved you even though you were probably a retarded kitty. To be honest, I felt like I had to look out for you. It's probably why I liked you so much.

Don't get me wrong, I love your mother, Kitty, but she can kind of come off as a bitch sometimes. Her affection was exclusive and she was like the pretty girl at school that a boy was lucky if she glanced at. Nobody really took you seriously, but I liked you all the same. I was always excited when you wanted to play with me. Usually my excitement would scare you and you would run off.

Remember that one time I put you in the pillow case and you freaked out? I'm sorry if it bothered you, I was just teasing you.

I remember coming home late many nights and seeing you on the roof looking up at the sky, waiting for someone to come home and let you in the house. I credit you for getting me into stargazing and astronomy. There really is alot to look at in the big black night sky.

Runty, you weren't really good at being cat, but you had a good heart. I remember when you almost won the fight against the grasshopper. You were gnawing on it and I was watching and proud that you made a kill, yet it still managed to hop away with one leg. I hope it's other leg didn't scratch the roof of your mouth. You sure did cripple that son of a bitch.

I will say, you kicked up your sass when we got Bruce Wayne. You put that big silly dog in his place. I was proud to see you carry yourself well in the face of danger, even though Bruce had no cruel intentions.

I'm sorry you were scared when the family moved out of the house. You spent every day of your life at that house, so it's no surprise that moving made you scared. I don't know why you had to run off, but I miss you. I'm going to miss you sleeping on my bed and annoying me. I'm going to miss your little chirps and skittish ways. I will always miss you and I will always love you. Kitty hasn't been the same.

Good luck, Runty. You are the nicest little girl I have ever known.

much love,
jc del barco ii