So I read this article on Yahoo! News today and was just stoked. Indonesian officials just placed a restriction on internet porn. You WILL be prosecuted for the transaction of porn over the www.

Not that I'm a porn fan or anything of the sort, but I think people have a right to handlin' business however they see fit, so long as it isn't hurting anybody else. Morals? We'll chat about that in a future blog (maybe).

In response to the porn restriction, some hackerz totally bypassed the server USB 2.0 Firewall and hacked into the mainframe of the Ministry's website @ http:/www.depkominfo.go.id and wrote up "Prove that the law has not been made to cover government stupidity" with a doctored picture of the government's tech nerd showing off his bare chest.

Now that's funny.

The gov't fixed the site already, but the Yahoo! article said you can find screenies at this site: http://detik.com/. Sadly, I can't read any of the funny language so I couldn't navigate. Let me know if you have any luck.

I thought that hackers were a dying breed in today's internet secure world. I mean, I remember being a kid and watching the movie Hackers and wanting to be some sort of 90's future playa on cyberspace. I gave up on that 2 hours after watching the movie, but it was still fun. I'm just stoked that some aggravated teenage boy in Indonesia needed to get back at The Man for cutting into his 'batin' time.

But really, we know that these were just WoW nerds in Indonesia that got pissed that they couldn't get off to their cyberloves and decided to take direct action. I'm a fan of direct action. I think it is the only way to actually make a difference. Now, I just wish that these nerdz can join forces and fight hunger instead of the prohibition of internet pornography.


I still salute those that fight for human liberty and freedom of choice world wide.

Jerk on, boys, jerk on.

-jc del barco ii

human rights supporter/internet enthusiast/male

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Anonymous said...

we should have a talk about this. to me, porn is a huge contributor to the instability of many relationships today. i salute the indonesians. they're certainly making more progress towards women's rights than our damaging billion dollar industries can ever hope to.