Another Year Down.

Today is my 22nd birthday. Every year on my birthday, I try to think of what I've learned in the past year to gauge how far along I've come. This year, I'm going public with my conclusions.

Here is a list of what I learned:

1. Whiskey is a great thing.

2. Marc Jacobs is a genius.

3. Manhattans are good on the rocks.

4. It is possible to gain total satisfaction in being good to the people you love.

5. Cardomom, though delicious, should be used sparingly.

6. Fish is better raw.

7. Cuddling is a great thing.

8. People will listen if you speak.

9. People will speak if you listen.

10. Homemade prison tattoo parties are amazing (seriously, tattoo your friends).

11. The stars in the sky will never cease to amaze me.

12. You have to earn death.

13. Shara Worden sings directly into the deepest wells of my heart.

14. There is an innate obligation to humankind. 

15. Hard work is very satisfying.

16. I love wearing dressy clothing.

17. Timing can make or break a wonderful thing.

18. Jens Lekman rocks my morning commute.

19. NPR is the only productive thing to listen to in traffic (save occasional Jens solo rock out sessions)

20. Being angry is much better than being sad.

21. Being kind and warm is much better than being angry.

22. Motivation breeds hope and hope breeds motivation. It is a good cycle.

23. Love isn't a feeling.

24. I have a lot of love to give and plenty of outlets to give it to (thank you friends and family).

25. The earth is an incredible thing.

26. The mind, body, and heart are separate. The heart bullies the mind, and the body taunts both.

27. We will never stop paying for the sins of our fathers.

28. People are good.

29. I don't think I like Novembers anymore.

30. Love will never be enough.

All in all, these are some good practical life lessons I have been blessed to learn early on. I think I'm going to kick this next year's ass. I think I learned alot!

-jc del barco ii
22/growing/still alive!


Tomash a Paris said...

All of these annual realizations are very notable. I'm most condordant with #'s 6, 15, 18, 20 & 26.

I've finished working on Emett's Senior Thesis, after Thanksgiving lets get together and talk of/about/within the 22/23 yr old space/time continuum. ///

Janelle Maluenda said...

happy birthday fool

Dracon said...

31. "I need another drink."