I think Chris Brown and Rihanna broke up


Not cool, Brown, Not cool.

Just two weeks ago my good friend Laura and I were discussing how the two of them are super cute and the next Jay-Z and Beyonce. Her cute hair and stunning voice paired up with his teen-heartthrob vocals and better-than-Timberlake dance moves were a great face for Hip-hop romances.

Then he choked her and popped her in the eye. What a dynamite thing to do, man. That girl is a catch. She opened for Kanye when she was only 19! Chris brown is only 19. That's a lot of life to live with the reputation for beating the shit out of your girlfriends. Wait, he threatened to kill her too.

What's going to happen to their careers now? Jail? Anger Management? Talk groups?

Sad day for relationship role models.

Don't beat your lovers people. Have a happy Valentine's Day.

-jc del barco ii

not violent/willing to be Rihanna's rebound skank/dissappointed

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David said...

Yah she was a hottie. I would never beat her..but i'd definitly beat them cheecks morning noon and dinner time