Animals Not Welcome?

Sorry about the hiatus, reader(s). Life has been extremely busy and good!

Today I found two articles that deal with wild animals not belonging at certain locations.

1: The government hunt for late Colombian druglord Pablo Escobar's hippopotamus has been called off. He had a male and female hippo imported from Africa a while back, which then escaped his private zoo and had a kid in the wild. The governement shot the male dead and animal rights activists gave them enough guff to convince The Man to figure out a way of relocating the mother and it's calf intact.

Read the full article here.

I don't know if this makes me proud or ashamed of being half Colombian. Eitherway, I wish the best to the mother and calf. Though Colombia is a long way from home in Africa, I think the gorgeous landscape would be more exotic and fruitful for a hippo.

2: San Diego judge orders seals to be chased out of the kiddie pool cove. The Children's Pool was made to be a safe swim area, but the seals were keen on it and sort of strongarmed their way onto the turf, or sand rather.
After a turfwar between humans and seals, the judge decided
enough was enough and that the seals were to be chased out of the pool, or else Children's Pool officials would be fined.

Read full article here.

I reckon there will be some bloodshed.

Naive as it may be, I really just wish that San Diegoans, Colombians, Hippos, Seals, etc. could all just get along and play nice. Just last week my roommate Alex and I were trying to figure out how to adopt a koala that is willing to wear a diaper.

Well, this post was useless, just caught my attention to see so much Human/Animal conflict in today's modern world...

The world needs something unifying. Something good. Something Bear...

-jc del barco ii



too lazy to actually read the whole article said...

i'm pissed. i'm from sd and the seals are a part of crystal cove. that's their home. if people went to the cove, they knew that the seals would be there and they've leave em be. some people go down to the cove just to see the seals on the beach. lame that bureaucrats can come in and fuck up nature's balance.

still lazy said...