Thankful for Life (16: Moments)

I hope you all had a great Thanksgiving. I hope it was full of life, like this: (watch in fullscreen)

A good friend, Thomas Long, pointed me in the direction of this film directed by Will Hoffman (www.anyoneeverything.com).

It's almost too intense to take in. I feel like every frame beats the warm sting of nostalgia into your heart and mind. Everything seemed reminiscent of something long forgotten. It was incredibly relevant and dear. I'm glad I watched it today. The air was brisk and clean, so the sensation just complimented the film's little tug and whisper:

"Hey, you're alive."

-jc del barco ii


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Anonymous said...

Good video, kinda makes me realize how little I get out of the house these days. Inspires me to change that. It's the little things that pile up and make the mountain.