#9- Animal Collective- Merriweather Post Pavillion


I'd be a fool not to have an AnCo album on here. I did struggle to choose between MPP and Sung Tongs. I chose MPP not only because of the amazing songs, but also for the fan fervor upon it's release (early leak). Though the release date was set for January 6, 2009, most college students owned a digital copy long before Christmas. It was what everybody was talking about for the next few months (until Veckatimest was released). In the month's to follow, other bands and sub-genres were being labeled as "Animalcollectivish".

While I like much of their older work as well, I won't deny that some of it simply isn't that accessible for a peasant's palate (smug, right?). MPP was dynamic, eclectic, unique, and VERY accessible for easy foot-tapping listeners.

Opening with an ethereal "Into the Flowers" started the album off on a strong, yet unconventional foot. Followed up by hits and anthem sing-alongs like "My Girls" and "Summertime Clothes" made the listener hungry for more of these repetitive high energy samples and vocal melodies. Panda Bear's lyrics over Avey Tare's howls and and repetitive phrases paired up better than pizza and beer. "Guys Eyes" is melodic vocal chaos... I love it. Panda and Avey are pretty much singing two different songs on top of each other and it still holds perfectly over the mechanical breaking beat. Top the album off with "Brother Sport", an awesome piece best described as the Beach Boys on LSD. All nine songs on this album are great to listen to. They are arranged in the perfect order which makes the album good from start to finish. I was very glad to catch them live this year.

Get this if you haven't (Shame... seriously, you filthy peasant.) and turn it up loud.


Wesley Francis said...

please stop calling me a peasant.

Darren said...

shut up and listen to real music you smug douchebag


-darren (again)