Paris Hilton, here I come.


I need to catch up with what's hot and what's not. I just stumbled across http://parisbff.com/
In summary, you make a profile and put up pictures and video blogs and written blogs and random stuff that makes you look hawt.

Over the next 8 weeks, they are going to choose candidates from the site (people vote for each other, comments, etc) to go on the Paris BFF MTV show that is going to start shooting in May (just in time for graduation!).

I just made a profile. Check it:

Within a few minutes of making this profile, I've already gotten two comments! My first was this:
"sup bro good luck too ya swing by my page and lets swap votes -devindadude"
If other people are as nice and important as devindadude, they'd best know what's hot (me/parizhilton) and get votin.

Seriously, this is awesome. I'm tired of everybody hatin' on the girl. If she wants to get paid a shit load of money for not doing anything, let her. I'm jealous. If she wants to drunk drive, let her. She doesn't judge anybody (save the contestants on this divine website [and uglies]). She is just a young lady who is trying to live her life as the Hollywood princess.

Hopefully, by the end of summer, I could be her prince.

My dream is to hang out with Kanye West and Paris Hilton and just look awesome and not apologize for anything I say, but then donate to Make-a-Wish or Katrina so people don't hate me too much.

Get on that site and vote.


Yes. My profile name is JSleazy.

Hit it up guys. Spread the werd.

-jc del barco ii

Fashionista/Diva/Paris Hilton's future ex-husband

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