Polar Bear Attack

Earlier on in the week my gf sent me this link about a guy who wrestled with a polar bear in the Yukon and was severely injured and still managed to kill the beast.


Check it out. There are graphic photos of a dead bear, the guy's brains, and more stuff on the site, stuff like that up there ^^^ (with even more gore!).

The bear tore through the tent and bit a part of his skull off. In the midst of the wrestle, the guy tries to shoot the bear, misses, and blows a hole through his ankle (check the site out, photo is too graphic for my family blog)!

Not to be a dick or anything, but that bear is at least twice his size. I'm not not a mathman, but I'd figure his odds for getting the bear instead of his own lil' ankle were in his favor.

This guy is pulling godawful luck all around. He wasn't buggin' the bear and he sure as hell didn't hope to blow his own leg off. I learned in boyscouts that people are supposed to stand up tall with their arms raised in the presence of a bear in order to scare them off. Our Yukonian victim must have just been around when this pissed off bear had the balls enough to pick a fight. My guess is that both were under the influence of methamphetamines or PCP. Imagine a bear on PCP!?! Hot damn... watch out cub scouts!

Animals are not passive.

Watch your backs guys, I think they're planning an uprising. Mark my words, I made a movie on this.

-jc del barco ii

Mathematician/Fisherman/Bear Enthusiast

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Christopher Walls said...

I was attacked by a bear in my backyard last night,
he tore my left arm off.

damn right animals are not passive