Gay Driving: Proibito!

While drunk driving is commonly illegal in most nations, Gay driving still holds no conflicts with the law in Italy. Though worth celebrating, this breakthrough for progressive human rights around the world came at the cost of homophobic humiliation and 100, 000 euros.

26 year old Italian, Danilo Giuffrida, won a lawsuit against the state in Italy when the transport ministry told him that he would have to retake his driving license exam due to his recent "sexual idenity disturbance".

He claimed that that he was gay on his military service medical examination. They then sent word over to the Departmento of Motoroni Veihiconolli that Danilo Giuffrida was indeed homosexual. Giuffrida passed the test a second time after agreeing to take it again for being gay. They then issued him a driver's license that expired in a year. Most Italian drivers licenses expire in 10 years.


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I'm not really an Italian stereotype expert or anything, but I don't understand how being gay can make anybody a bad driver. As Nancy as it gets, jammin' out to Madonna on the piazza streets isn't gonna hurt anybody. If anything, I think they would probably just make driving more fashionable.

Upon further thought, I realized that Americans have driving stereotypes too. I'll say what everyone's thought at least once in the States:

Asians, Women, and Old People are a threat to public safety on the roads.

But why? No reason. I think we should all take this as an opportunity to calm down our road rage and let go of stereotypes. Otherwise, we're just as bad as the Italians. Yes, I just took one step backwards with my previous statement.

Italy realized it was being stupid and homophobic so they gave the guy 100,000 euros to cover up the damage and apologize to the modern homophilic community.

If I were him, I'd spend that money on building the gayest car on earth. Pink, glitter, fuzzy dice, poppers, Cindy Lauper, the works. He should get a car so flamin' that it's threat to it's own gastank.

HA! (I've lost all credibility, wit, and dignity with that that joke.)

Here's a link about the Top 10 Gay Cars of 2008.

Well. Here's one for civil rights and DMV inconveniences around the globe!

-jc del barco ii

decent driver/likes pink/dislikes The Man.

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