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"August 09, 2008

Record ratings for NBC's Olympic opening ceremony

[Updated, 1:04 p.m.] -- NBC’s Olympic dream of ratings fireworks came true.

The network’s coverage of the Games got off to a roaring start Friday with the most-watched and highest-rated non-U.S. summer opening ceremony telecast ever.

The Beijing event averaged 34.2 million viewers and received an 18.6 national household rating.

In the nearly 50 years of televised Olympics, that's higher than any previous non-domestic summer opener -- up 35% in viewers from the Athens ceremony in 2004 (25.4 million, 14.6 rating) and 25% higher than Sydney in 2000 (18.5/32). The household rating bested the 1960 Rome Games on CBS (18.1) -- a record that's stood for 48 years, according to Nielsen Media Research."

-The Hollywood Reporter. Read full article here.

Well, I'm upset about this. I like the Olympics. I think competition is a good thing. Good sportsmanship has been a timeless way for humans to entertain and challenge each other without any hostile intentions.

This year I am not watching them. I don't like this one bit, but I feel like I needed to be a responsible citizen of earth. We live in a time where people, individuals or masses, can make a difference. As many of you are aware, China has been, well, a bit rough around the edges.

We live in a modern world where any threat to civil rights will not be tolerated. China has had a disregard for such notions for too long now. They can wash the streets all they want, but looking pretty doesn't do anything for the global climate. After keeping up with news and having a few discussions with friends and family, I realized I shouldn't support China's fraudulent international appearance. Hopefully, many would share this belief and actually make a significant worldwide statement that would put pressure on China to change its ways.

Apparently not. Record breaking ratings? Really America? You're all talk. People brag about boycotting the Olympics to show political awareness, but ratings show otherwise.

Read this too: Father of former Olympian killed in Beijing

These are some bittersweet times for sports. Remember how fun little league was? I hope the rest of the Olympics run smoothly and safely. I also hope China realizes that it can't hide how it treats it's citizens or how it pollutes the earth. Also, as an American, I hope we kick ass and win golds all around.

Good luck, athletes!

-jc del barco ii


Anonymous said...

Yes...looking pretty doesn't improve their air quality but, shutting down around 100 gas stations, limiting automobile usage and spending $17 billion does. Sure, the air quality still isn't that clean due to 2 things: [1] Their energy source is coal. [2] Beijing is basically in a ditch. They're surrounded by mountains and other obstructions that are higher than the city so, it's kinda tough for any kind of air pollution to escape.
You should watch the Olympics for the competition in the games because, that is why you watch the Olympics...not because you have an issue with the country.

Anonymous said...

the opening ceremony. was rave-tastic.