These are some facts I've gathered on the two. 

Double major in History and Political Science at the University of Delaware, then completed law school at Syracuse. Came from a blue collar family and went to college on scholarship. Failed miserably when trying to get democratic presidential nomination in 1988 and 2008. In the US senate since 1972. His son is the District Attorney of Delaware and a Captain in the Army National Guard.

One semester at Hawaii Pacific University, transferred to North Idaho College and then
 University of Idaho. Degree in Communications with a minor in Political Science. 1984 Miss Wasilla Pageant winner, than Ms Alaska runner up (note: Alaska is 75% male). Mayor of Wasilla, then elected Governor of Alaska in 2006.

In summary:
Palin went from pageant queen to possible second in command of the largest military and nuclear force on earth in just 24 years. Her opponent's son is far more appropriately credentialed. 


Charlie said...

Banging bod > *

Anonymous said...

sarah palin makes me disappointed to have a vagina

Janelle Maluenda said...

Dear Ms Palin: WHAT ARE YOU DONG!?!?!?!? If one of my kids had down syndrome and my other kid was pregnant I would be too busy to attempt to run for vice president of a failing country.

Can we talk about Tina Fey for a while. She makes me feel better.