Next tuesday is the big day. I won't tell you who to vOte for. That's not what America is about.

I will however tell you to vote no on Prop 4 and Prop 8. These also aren't what America is about.

Not all familys are healthy. In my logic, a healthy family that has good communication usually talks about sex and deters from teen pregnancy before naive children have unsafe sex. A lot of families don't talk about sex. Getting pregnant as a teen can be quite the doozy, let alone considering an abortion. Not all parents are understanding. Some are abusive. Though I don't agree with abortion, I Believe that people have the right to choose. Being pregnant is already scary enough for the young girl, the situation shouldn't be made any more difficult.

GOOD PARENTING, PEOPLE. When/if you have kids, tAlk to them. Don't put your lil' girls in a situation where they have to do this behind your back. Try to evade the entire situation by making sure they understand how to have safe sex. 

As for Prop 8, 

MIND YOUR OWN BUSINESS. It's 2008 people. People should be able to love whoever they please openly, so long as nobody is being harmed in the process (I can't imagine how that would be possible by the way, just wanted to be safe).  

Yes on 8 advocates argue that this will require schools to teach gay marraige alongside straight marraige as normal Marraige. 

This is a sack of bull poo.

The California board of education has no responsibility to teach anything about marraige, and prop 8 will not affect this anyway. It simply wants to limit marraige to straight couples.
Even if you don't support gay marraige, how will a gay couple affect your life, your marraige, your fAmily virtues directly? Homophobia is so passe, guys...

2008 is a good time. Ya, the global economy is in the toilet, but the world is ripe for change and opporunity. It is becoming easier and easier to start up grassroots movements and bitch your way into congress to actually make a difference. Democracy is becoming democracy again! Don't stifle basic human rights!

This country was founded on freedom, liberty, equal rights, and opportunity. Don't spoil it when we are on the brink of greatness.

-jc del barco ii,



Anonymous said...

That's not really the issue.. the issue is changing the definition of Marriage. It's not about storming into people's room and barring them from loving members of the same sex. It's not a vote on outlawing gayness.

I know no matter what I will get screamed out of the room being a homophobe but the issue is that Marriage is special and has the name marriage because it is about how special it is to have two members of the opposite sex come together. This is important because men and women are different and together are capable of a family unit. The problem is you have to first admit that men and women are different, I know this can be too much for some people to agree on, however that is the crux of what makes marriage special, it's why it's not just super friendship. Because it means you are creating a family and creating a unit that is complete by the compliment of femaleness and maleness.

Now... the next issue is.. what exactly are Gay's gaining from getting the right to Marriage. From what I understand they are already afforded all the same rights as couples. Just like Common Law marriages. Legally you can leave whatever you want to whoever you want. I know this starts to break into a semantical argument but if it is then why do they want the term Marriage applied to their unions? It's obviously loaded with meaning. One that has been cultivated by thousands of years of unions between men and women. If the desire to have a more special bond between the same sex that is greater than friendship, or brotherhood, etc then redefining Marriage to mean "super committed love" isn't really the same... part of the word marriage is about the fact of opposite sexes... I know that's old fashioned.. but Prop 8, isn't really about saying Gay's can't love each other, or be together, or share their lives with whoever they want. I believe it's totally unamerican and unconstiutional to intrude into who loves who (unless it's pedophilia). And love is a great and special thing, and god bless those who are lucky enough to find it. It's just about protecting the traditions that our civilization has been built upon, we can't give every tradition and definition over to relative modernity. At least not yet.

The other issue is a judicial and legal one. A majority of america, is not comfortable yet with allowing gays to marry, not ready to change over the definition, however a handful of judges took it upon themselves to make a decision for us. That is part of the issue, and now they are giving it up to the people to vote on. People yell out "Tyranny of the majority!": however the converse is just straight tyranny.

I am not really planning on changing anyones mind, I just think it's fair to at least get a somewhat more fair look at what the argument is on the other side. I know you'll think it ridiculous, but that's better than thinking it evil.

(Also.. I don't really care if my kid learns about it in school, which he/she no doubt will because teachers can't help themselves. C'mon they are teachers. Anyway I don't care, because guess who gets more time and influence over my kid. Me. And I would give it to them fairly. then bully him until he agrees with me. Problem solved.)

Also.. cmon people it's 2008... taxes are bad. Socialized anything is bad. It's 2008 it's been failing now for 90 years. Marxism, class warefare.. it's tired .. it's failed. Let's go people.. you don't want the DMV running your life, you want you running your life. Freedom, woo!

and... calling me a Nazi or Fascist in.. 3...2...1...


Not a fascist or a Nazi, just closed minded and bad at persuasion.

jc del barco ii said...


The measure stands for something greater. People need to start accepting and losing any notions of hate that are audacious and inappropriate for todays world.

It's a chance to move forward.

-Ray Bradbury

Anonymous said...

Well said

Anonymous said...

the problem here is that yes men and woman are different, but so are men and men and woman and woman. One forth of gay couples in Los Angeles have kids and they do just as good as any other kids. A family is not about a mom and a dad, its about love. What do u think about single parents? are they not capable of having a "family unit"? Also you talk about what do gays get? well they get equality. If we decided to take away the rights of non-same-sex couples to get married but they could have a union and the same rights would that be ok with you? Also same sex marriage is good for our economy. It wouldn't affect you so what's the problem? You say a majority of america is uncomfortable, but its almost 50-50 and i think discrimination shouldn't matter if people are ready not to discriminate or not