Prop 2!

Hey everybody. I've been doing a bit of thinking and I realized that prop 2 is a great thing, but there is a greater commitment that still exists beyond voting for it.  
Animals do deserve better treatment. Period.  
California doesn't have a very large lamb, veal, or beef industry, but has a HUGE egg industry. You have to realize that voting yes on prop 2 will force animal farmers to completely change their caging systems within 6 years. THIS IS A GOOD THING. Happy hens lay more eggs. Let's keep them happy. 

However, this will also ever so slightly raise egg prices. High prices means tougher competition. This could squeeze out free-range egg businesses because vendors will start buying eggs from out of state or even worse, Mexico (nothing against Mexicans, I just support domestic products). Mexico's egg farmers have sloppier laws and crueler environments. In order to make sure that California Egg Farmers don't go out of business to less moral competition, NEVER BUY A NON-CALIFORNIAN EGG AGAIN. This will make sure that our egg industry still thrives under the new animal friendly laws. It will also encourage other states to follow suit. So in order to truly help out Californian animals, Californian economy, cleaner air (due to less imports), and your own conscience, VOTE YES ON PROP 2 and BUY CALIFORNIA EGGS FROM NOW ON. Thanks, don't forget to vote tomorrow for which ever presidential candidate you think will provide you with the opportunity to become a better citizen. It's like Kennedy's idea, start thinkin about how YOU can do more for your nation. This is what a democracy is.

-JC Del Barco II  
Californian/Voter/Bad at making Omelettes

Ps. Veal sucks.